Data based and Targeted Marketing Strategy

We are based from data and strategy. By giving you those, Alpha Advertising prepares our projects on custom research of your targeted market and audiences.

I need an advertising campaign from my new built website.

We will make a plan for your website for the next two years. We will give you enough resources to work so when our contract ends you can still improve your traffic with minimal after service supervision from us.

I need a marketing campaign for my website.

From our experience, traffic from our clients have been increasing significantly. Furthermore, a guarantee first page rank on Google for certain keywords*.

What method will you use?

We proud of being a company that comply with Google Panda update and will only conduct a white hat techniques to ensure a long lasting SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for your company. We do not do any bookmarkings, article submissions, and other things that will get you 100 links in one night but only last for months.

What we do is we increase your brand awareness. Not to mention several keywords you are focusing on, the other keywords will increase its position in SERP as well. We will share your links to many social media to get viral thus increases your brand awareness. And many more processes for similar outcome.

All of these combined, you will get not only a great long term SEO campaign but also a full fledge marketing campaign which will sell your products and services.

Do you cover all advertising services?

Unfortunately no. In the near future we are looking to be able to stretch our services from managing paid campaign to a full web hosting services.


*We need to conduct an audit first then will present with the best solution for our client’s needs.